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Important information relating to the prcess of registering your car in Spain.

The ITV Test In Spain

Passing The ITV Test In Spain 2023

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What does the Spanish ITV exam consist of?

The objective of the ITV test in Spain is to maintain the roadworthiness of the fleet of vehicles on Spanish roads. The tests include ensuring that the vehicle has valid insurance. Inspecting windshield wipers and the visibility of the license plate, as well as assessing the vehicle’s pollutant emissions. The tires have adequate tread and the doors open and close correctly. They will inspect the seatbelts, horn/claxon, indicators, and headlamps to ensure they function properly and do not blind other motorists. Other evaluations include the vehicle’s suspension and braking system. They may also examine the engine for signs of oil leakage. You must also demonstrate that modifications to the vehicle have been properly authorized.

The ITV Test In Spain

ITV, which stands for Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehculos, is the Spanish equivalent to the MOT in the United Kingdom. If you own or are registering a car in Spain, a valid ITV inspection and certificate is required to operate the vehicle on public roads. If you do not have one, you may be detained, fined, and possibly have your insurance revoked.

Spain ITV Test Appointment

Normally, you can schedule an appointment up to 30 days prior to the due date of the ITV test.

What is the cost of the ITV test in Spain?

Cost varies by vehicle model and dimensions.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the ITV Test In Spain

An important distinction from the MOT and the ITV test in Spain is that if the ITV has expired, it is unlawful to drive the vehicle, even if an appointment has been scheduled, except between the home address and the nearest ITV station. As a vehicle proprietor, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle always has a valid ITV.

ITV Exams for Foreign Automobiles

If you have been living in Spain for more than six months and driving a foreign vehicle in the country for more than six months, it is required by law that you re-register your vehicle with Spanish plates, and it will be subject to the same ITV test requirements as any other Spanish vehicle. The decision to operate a foreign-registered vehicle in Spain is complex and requires careful consideration. 

How frequently Must I Undergo an I.T.V. Inspection in Spain?

If your vehicle is less than four years old, you are exempt from this inspection. Every two years, if your vehicle is between four and ten years old, it must pass an Spain I.T.V. test. Then, if your vehicle is older than ten years, a yearly inspection is required.

ITV Test Results

If your vehicle passes the ITV test, you will receive a test certificate and a small colored decal that must be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of your windshield. This displays the month and year that the next examination is due. Displaying this decal is crucial, as you may be fined if stopped over by the police without it visibly displayed. Additionally you will receive a certified report attesting to its success.

If your vehicle fails the ITV test, you will be given back your documentation and the test page with a rubber stamp reading “Unfavorable” and a list of the reasons for failure.  You will then have up to 30 days to make modifications to your vehicle and retake the inspection. It is imperative that you have your vehicle retested within 30 days, or else the ITV center will notify the department of transportation that your vehicle is illegally on the road.

There are three levels. Mild, critical, and extremely severe.

  • Mild: You may continue driving the vehicle, but you must repair the items enumerated.
  • Severe: The identified items must be repaired and retested within two months.
  • Extremely Serious: Your vehicle will not be permitted to depart the ITV station under its own power. It will need to be transported to a repair shop. It must then be returned to an ITV center for a retest once the defects have been corrected.

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