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The ITV Test In Spain

Passing The ITV Test In Spain

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What are the Spanish standards for ITV?

In Spain, the goal of an ITV test is to ensure roadworthiness of all vehicles that use public roads. Some checks include making sure a vehicle is insured. They look at windshield wipers and the visibility of license plates as well as emissions produced by cars. The treads on tires need to be deep enough while doors must open and close properly too; this will also entail checking seat belts and horns/claxons, head lights or lamps (both low beam and high beam), indicators or blinkers so that they work safely without blinding other drivers on the road among other things like suspension system parts such as shocks/struts etc., brakes system components including pads/shoes or calipers/rotors etc., engine mounts which should not have any signs of leaking oil/grease around them plus evidence showing compliance with rules regarding vehicle modifications commonly referred to as ‘mods’.

When your car has a favorable outcome in an ITV test, it will be given a success certificate and a small colored sticker on the lower right of the windshield. This sticker shows the month and year when the next test is due. You must display this sticker, because if you don’t, and get stopped by police officers for any reason at all- they could fine you. Also, they give you an official certificate that verifies the effectiveness of that sticker.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass an ITV test You will receive your paperwork and test page that says “Unfavorable” with a rubber stamp across it plus lists possible reasons why it didn’t pass. Then you have 30 days to make changes to your vehicle before taking it back for another test. If you do not take your vehicle back within 30 days then they will send letters stating that they are letting authorities know about this matter so that steps can be taken against you.

There are three categories: critical, mild, severe.

Mild: You can still drive the car but need to fix what’s listed.

In severe cases, the item must be identified replaced and tested within 2 months.

Extremely serious Your vehicle cannot leave the ITV station under its own power. It has to be brought to repair shops first-then sent back again (after fixing everything) to retest at one of their facilities.

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