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Important information relating to the prcess of registering your car in Spain.

Changing Car Registration In Spain

Changing Car Registration In Spain

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Do you think about changing the number on your car in Spain? If so, there are few things you need to know before you do that. In this article we explain such things as steps to be taken, requirements to be met and costs involved.

Preliminary: Changing Car Registration In Spain

Firstly, it should be noted that changing the registration numbers of a vehicle into Spanish ones is only possible if it was registered in an EU or EEA country different from Spain. In case when an automobile has been imported from another state outside Europe Union or European Economic Area then declaring such car as new import shall require payment of any applicable taxes under this condition.

Requirements For Changing Car Registration In Spain

To change license plates number on a car registered in Spain one will have to Schedule An Appointment at The Local Traffic Authority where He/She resides currently (Jefatura Provincial de Trafico). Here are documents needed for presentation:

Original registration certificate issued by the origin country plus certified copy thereof.

Either manufacturer’s certificate or small technical data sheets of the vehicle both confirming compliance with European technical standards.

Proof of payment individual excise tax on certain means of transport (IEDMT) which may be paid in any tax office. The fee depends on engine number; type; horsepower rating; level pollutants released by vehicle see more rates on website:

Receipt showing payment mechanical vehicles tax (IVTM) collectable by local town hall where owner is registered according place residence model brand age etc get more details fees here:

A document evidencing that fee for change of matriculation (registration) has been paid. Payable through Provincial Traffic Office Jefatura Provincial of Traffic equals 97.80 euros in total.

Official Application Form For Changing Matriculation Number can be downloaded here:

National identity card (DNI) or passport or residence permit of the vehicle’s owner, together with copy thereof.

Once you have submitted all necessary papers then interim Spanish number plates will be issued to you which should be fixed on your car until permanent ones are given. Around 15 working days must pass before receiving final plate.

It should be noted that if you want to change the number plate of your car in Spain, you will also have to change the insurance policy on the car. Notify your insurance company of the registration change and request an insurance renewal certificate which includes your Spanish registration — this is your legal obligation. In Spain, you might be required to pass a vehicle inspection (ITV) every other year or so depending on how old it is and what type of vehicle it is.

Summary: Changing Car Registration In Spain

To modify the number plate of your vehicle in Spain, an appointment must be made with Jefatura Provincial de Trafico in the province where the person lives.

Original registration document must be provided together with one original copy, current MOT certificate, original and proof of payment for road tax plus copies and passport or national identity card with one original copy.

Also required is filling out application form for change in registration; which costs 97.80 euros for 2023 as fee should also get paid while submitting all necessary documents along with getting them stamped by official counter staff who then issues provisional registration certificate showing updated number plate details that needs fixing at top right corner behind windscreen before taking vehicle any where else but authorized workshop where new plates are fitted according to assigned alphanumerals followed by returning back local Jefatura Provincial de Trafico office closest from residence area so as collect latest registration certificate having new number plate.

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