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Driving a UK Registered Car in Spain

Driving a UK Registered Car in Spain

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Before driving a UK registered car in Spain there are a few things you really need to be aware of. Driving in Spain is one of the best ways to go across the nation, but in order to do it safely and legally, you need to be familiar with the laws and regulations of the area, as well as the requirements for both your car and your driving licence.

To begin, whenever you are behind the wheel of a vehicle in Spain, you must have your valid driving licence from the United Kingdom with you at all times. If you hold a paper driving licence or a licence that was granted in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, or the Isle of Man, you do not require an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in the EU, Switzerland, Iceland, or Liechtenstein. However, you will need an IDP if your licence was issued in another country. If you want to drive in Norway or any of the other countries that are part of the EU, you will require an IDP. At the Post Office, you may pay a fee of £5.50 to get an IDP over the counter.

The second thing you need to do before driving a UK registered car in Spain is check that your car is insured, that it is properly taxed and that it has a current and active MOT. To legally operate a motor vehicle in the European Union (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, or Switzerland, you must have third-party liability insurance that meets the country’s minimal requirements. When you are behind the wheel in one of these nations, you do not need to carry a green card. You should, however, verify with your insurance to see whether or not your policy covers other items, such as theft or damage. It is possible that other nations outside of the EU will need you to carry a green card in order to operate a motor vehicle there.

When you are driving a UK registered car in Spain you are required to bring along both the log book for your car (known as a V5C) and your insurance certificate. You will need a VE103 certificate in order to travel outside of the UK with a car that you rented or leased in the UK and want to drive overseas. If your licence plate does not have an identifier for the United Kingdom that looks like the Union flag, you are required to affix a UK sticker to the back of your car. It is possible that you may be required to register your caravan or caravan and add the category BE to your driver’s licence if you are towing any of them.

Summary of Driving a UK Registered Car in Spain

  • Driving a UK registered car in Spain is possible, but there are some rules and requirements to follow .
  • UK citizens with a British driving licence can drive in Spain for up to six months after arrival. After that, they must exchange their licence for a Spanish one if they have a Spanish residence permit or have recently obtained a Spanish visa.
  • Visitors to Spain must be at least 18 years old and hold a full, valid driving licence. Driving licences issued in the UK, the EU and EEA countries are accepted. Expats from outside Europe will have to take the full Spanish driving test to get a Spanish licence.
  • If you plan to rent a vehicle in Spain, you must be at least 21 years old and have had your driving licence for a minimum of one or two years.
  • You do not need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in Spain if you have a UK driving licence. However, you might need an IDP to drive in some other EU countries and Norway if you have a paper driving licence or a licence that was issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man.
  • You need to carry your UK driving licence, your vehicle log book (V5C), and your insurance certificate with you when driving in Spain. If you’re taking a vehicle abroad that you’ve hired or leased in the UK, you’ll need a VE103 certificate.
  • You must display the UK identifier when driving a UK registered car in Spain. If your number plate includes the UK identifier with the Union flag, you do not need a UK sticker. However, you will need to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any other flag or symbol. If you’re in Spain, Cyprus or Malta, you must display a UK sticker no matter what is on your number plate.
  • You need to follow the overseas driving rules, including local speed limits and drink driving laws. You may also need extra equipment, emission stickers, headlight converter stickers, or trailer registration depending on the country you’re visiting. If you’re hiring a car, it’s your responsibility to check you have the equipment you need.
  • Your UK vehicle insurance gives you a minimum of third party cover to drive your vehicle in Spain. You do not need to carry a green card when you are driving a UK registered car in Spain. However, you may want to check with your insurer if your policy covers extra things like theft or damage. You may need to carry a green card to drive in other countries outside the EU.
  • If you want to tow a trailer over 750kg abroad, update your licence to show that you can drive category BE. You do not need to do this if your licence already shows you can drive category BE. You may also need to register your trailer before towing it to or through most EU and EEA countries.


In conclusion, it is essential that you adhere to Spanish driving regulations, which include the country’s speed limits, laws on drinking and driving, as well as its traffic signs and signals. It’s possible that you’ll need some additional gear in your car as well, such as a reflective jacket, a warning triangle, headlamp converter stickers, pollution stickers, and so on. When you are driving a UK registered car in Spain, it is your obligation to make sure you have everything you need, including all of the required documents.

Travelling throughout Spain with a vehicle that was originally registered in the United Kingdom may be an exciting and hassle-free experience. However, before you travel, you need to ensure that you are well-prepared and knowledgeable. Check that you have your driver’s licence in addition to all the required documentation and equipment for your car. Make sure you are familiar with the laws and guidelines for driving in Spain as well as any other countries you may visit. And most importantly, keep everyone safe on the road and have a good time!

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