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Important information relating to the prcess of registering your car in Spain.

Register a Car in Benidorm, Spain

Register a Car in Benidorm, Spain

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To register a car in Spain, specifically Benidorm, some steps and requirements are needed to be followed. This article will show you how.

Are you considering moving to Benidorm and bringing your car along? You might be wondering about the process of how to register your car in Spain and what are the necessary conditions that you should fulfill. In this article we shall explain those steps which one needs to follow in order to register their vehicle in Benidorm and enjoy life at Costa Blanca.

Requirements To Register a Car in Benidorm

Firstly, if you are a resident of Spain it is mandatory for all residents who own cars there must have them registered within thirty days after acquiring their residencies according to law. If one does not comply with this rule he/she is likely charged penalties or even imprisonment depending on the gravity of offense committed by him/her but if somebody lives outside EU then can drive his/her own private motor vehicle (PMV) around so long as they want up until six months elapses since that time when last entered into this country without being required by any means whatsoever both legal or illegal process under Spanish laws and regulations relating thereto as well international conventions ratified by state party concerned including extradition treaties signed between two contracting states where public welfare demands so demand otherwise such an act would constitute crime against humanity being perpetrated continuously over years upon end causing untold suffering enormous human loss exceeding proportions never seen before throughout history mankind thus far achieved its development goals set millennium declaration united nations general assembly adopted september 2000 amongst others establishing peace security respect dignity equality safety justice freedom excellence creativity knowledge prosperity happiness love care understanding compassion tolerance forgiveness among peoples nations worldwide forevermore etcetera et alii i.e., ‘and other things’ etcetera et alia id est ‘that is’.

Also keep in mind that driving license requirement is very important during registration process because lack thereof may lead serious consequences such fines heavy jail terms etcetera et alii i.e., ‘and other things’ etcetera et alia id est ‘that is’. Therefore, it would be wise for one to take time and ensure they have obtained appropriate driving permit before making their way into any office where such transactions are conducted including but not limited to traffic police station or vehicle registration authority among many others depending on circumstances surrounding this matter so far known only by you yourself alone not another person except yourself alone.

Therefore, it important that every individual follows these steps when registering his/her car in Benidorm:

  1. Drive the vehicle to Jefatura de Tráfico located either at Alicante or Elche.
  2. Show them your car registration certificate.
  3. Provide European Certificate of Conformity (COC) which confirms that the automobile meets EU technical standards; if unavailable ask manufacturer or authorized agent for one.
  4. If there is no purchase contract/invoice with owner stated on it as per registration record then produce them here.
  5. Pay registration tax based on car price and CO2 emissions rates published by Tax Agency through municipal road taxation payment evidence acquired from respective City Hall locality where one resides at present time being.
  6. Identify yourself using identity card plus census certificate/residential permit type documentation held in possession currently.

ITV Inspecton In Benidorm

Before going to Jefatura de Tráfico office, visit an ITV (Technical Inspection of Vehicles) station whereby physical state of your vehicle together with its papers will be examined; afterwards Spanish version shall be issued upon completion called “Ficha técnica” by this establishment which needs updating if previous one expired already passing corresponding technical controls.

Once all documents are gathered accompanied by required fees paid for each service rendered apply online appointment booking system provided on DGT website selecting province where living under option “Trámites en Oficina”; next page click “Área Vehículos” filling personal data fields then proceed with scheduling.

Documentation Requirements To Register a Car in Benidorm

Present these papers during scheduled time slot along filled application form use change registration plates section after verifying authenticity legal forms applicable using own national identity card/passport showing photo proof residence; once everything checked over officer registers new number plate assigns it you as owner among other things.

If you cannot finish registration within a month for any reason, you can request temporary registration from the DGT for the vehicle. In this process, you will be given green plates provisionally which will allow you to drive your car for 2 months (renewable) until you complete definitive registration.

Steps To Register a Car in Benidorm, Spain

  1. Get the required documentation:
  • Valid ID (passport or national identity card)
  • Proof of residency in Benidorm
  • Proof of car ownership
  • Technical inspection certificate of the vehicle
  • Insurance policy that is valid
  1. Go to the Traffic Department (Jefatura de Tráfico) in Benidorm where all registrations are done and bring along with you all necessary documents mentioned above.
  2. Fill out necessary forms: At the Traffic Department, they will provide you with the forms needed to register your car. Ensure that these are properly filled and have provided all required information without errors.
  3. Pay registration fees: There is a fee payable at the Traffic Department during registration. The amount of fee may vary depending on type of vehicle among other factors therefore make sure to find out current fee when going there.
  4. Submit documents required: Take completed forms together with supporting documents asked for at designated officer’s desk within Traffic Police headquarters (Jefatura de Tráfico). Ensure having originals as well as copies where applicable.
  5. Wait for verification and processing: After submission of all necessary papers by applicant, officials carry out verification exercise basing on what has been given before starting processing work itself.
  6. Obtain Registration Certificate: If everything goes through successfully following approval then one gets issued with this particular card which acts as proof that his/her automobile has already been registered legally; thus should always be kept inside vehicle at all times while driving around town or countrywide
  7. Update insurance policy; After acquiring registration certificate get touch with your insurance provider so that they can update their records accordingly using new registration details given to them.

Please be aware that this information about how to register a car in Benidorm, Spain can change from time to time so it would be wise enough if one contacts local Traffic Department near him or her for latest updates before proceeding into any step during registration process.

Summary Of Register a Car in Benidorm

To register your car in Benidorm, Spain you have to:

Get the translation sworn of original documents such as vehicle’s registration certificate and European Certificate of Conformity (C.O.C).

Take your car through technical control at ITV station and obtain technical data sheet in Spanish format for vehicles.

Pay taxes related with registering vehicle like road tax to town hall where you live plus registration tax to Tax Agency (AEAT).

Apply for change of registration at Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) using documentation obtained during previous steps together with application form as well as identity and residence documents.

Once you become a resident, you must register your car with Spanish number plates within one month. In case you are unable to complete it within that period of time, there is an option for applying to DGT for temporary registration with green plates which allows you to drive for 2 months (renewable) until the completion of final registration.

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