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Important information relating to the prcess of registering your car in Spain.

Register a foreign car in Spain

Register a Foreign Car in Spain

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How to Register a Foreign Car in Spain

The initial component of registering a foreign automobile in Spain is to get the necessary paperwork. The documents required for vehicle registration in Spain depend on the type of vehicle you are planning to import. There are two categories for registering foreign cars in Spain; change of residence and without change of residence.

What Documents Are Needed To Register A Foreign Car In Spain?

If you want to move into Spain and take your car with you, here is what you need to provide as documentation for registering your foreign car due to change of residency:

Registration Of A Foreign Car Following a Relocation

Single Administrative Document in paper format must be presented along with the owner’s NIE/DNI/passport and…

  • Registration document (“padrón”)
  • Technical Specification
  • Circulation permit
  • Invoice or contract of sale and purchase
  • Certified translation of the sales agreement

When people bring their vehicles into Spain from abroad because they have changed their domicile, certain taxes will not apply; this means that no registration tax has to be paid when registering foreign vehicles following relocation within spain.

Registration Without Change Of Residence:

If you wish to register a foreign car into Spain without moving, we will call this commercial importation. For commercial imports of foreign vehicles into spain, the following documents will be required for its registration:

DUA NIE/ DNI Registration Document (“Padrón”)

Anyone who wants to import a motor vehicle or automobile into spain without changing where they live must pay vehicle registration taxes.Taxes must be paid on any vehicle brought from outside an eu member state (foreign) into spanish territory except canary islands ceuta melilla.Except canary islands ceuta melilla all cars motorcycles etc registered here whether new second-hand should have these duties met once we ve got all necessary papers continue with itv another technical inspection even if already had one home country since wants it registered.

Tax On Registration:

The third step of registering a foreign car in spain is paying the registration levy. This tax is levied on the initial registration of new or used vehicles in Spain and is paid only once even if the vehicle changes hands while remaining within Spanish territory.

To pay this levy in spain you must complete form 576 from Tax Agency corresponding to Special Tax on Certain Transport Means or IEDM. As stated before, no registration tax will be due if the foreign vehicle is imported into Spain as result of change of domicile or moving to live permanently in spain.

The Road Tax

Another fee that needs settling prior to being able register any non-national auto within spanish borders is called road duty; payable at local town halls according where registered owner resides municipio.

Provisional License Plates:

“Green plates” are temporary number plates which have to be obtained while going through process for registering a foreign car in Spain. These allow spanish earth movement until permanent ones are ready.

In Spain, without green plates or temporary registration plates, you cannot drive a foreign car. If one wants to register their foreign car in Spain, they have to apply for either green plates or temporary registration plates. is staffed with automotive consultants who are professionals. Our way of processing things is completely legal so that your vehicle gets registered within the Spanish system once it is imported into Spain.

We aim at offering our customers high-quality services while also fostering strong working relations.

Regardless of whether it’s an EU vehicle or from as far as Australia or America, we shall be able to register one’s car during importation into Spain.

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