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Important information relating to the prcess of registering your car in Spain.

Register a foreign car in Spain

Register a Foreign Car in Spain

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How To Register a Foreign Car in Spain

Obtaining the required documentation is the first stage in registering a foreign automobile in Spain. The documentation required to register a car in Spain will vary based on the type of vehicle you intend to import. In Spain, there are two categories of registration for foreign automobiles: by change of residence and without change of residence.

What paperwork is required to register a foreign car in Spain?
If you want to transfer to Spain and transport your car with you, you must provide the following documentation to register your foreign automobile due to a change of residence:

Registration Of A Foreign Car Following a Relocation

The Single Administrative Document in paper format must be presented to the customs authorities along with the owner’s NIE/DNI/passport and…

  • Registration document (“padrón”)
  • Technical Specification
  • Circulation permit
  • Invoice of the vehicle’s purchase or contract of sale and purchase
  • Certified translation of the sales agreement

Those who transport their foreign automobile to Spain and wish to register it due to a change of domicile or relocation will not be subject to certain duties. In other words, no registration tax is due for the registration of foreign vehicles in Spain owing to a change of residence.

Registration Without a Change of Address

If you desire to register a foreign car into Spain without relocating, we will refer to this as a commercial import. In the event of a commercial import of a foreign automobile into Spain, the following documentation will be required for its registration:

DUA NIE/ DNI Registration document (“padrón”)

Those who wish to import an automobile or motor vehicle into Spain without changing their place of domicile must pay the vehicle registration tax. Once we have the required paperwork to continue with the registration of the foreign car in Spain, we must then pass the ITV. Even if the foreign vehicle has already passed a technical inspection in its country of origin, a technical inspection will be required in Spain if the vehicle is to be registered.

Tax On Registration

Paying the registration levy is the third stage of registering a foreign vehicle in Spain. This levy is imposed upon the initial registration of a new or used automobile in Spain. It is payable only once, regardless of whether the vehicle changes hands, as long as it remains in Spain.

To pay the registration tax in Spain, you must fill out form 576 from the Tax Agency, which corresponds to the Special Tax on Certain Transport Means or IEDM. As stated previously, registration tax is not due if the foreign vehicle is imported into Spain due to a change of domicile or relocation to Spain.

The Road Tax

The road tax is another levy that must be paid in order to register a foreign vehicle in Spain. To accomplish this, you must visit the municipal council in the town hall of the registered vehicle owner’s municipality.

Obtaining Provisional License Plates

Temporary registration plates known as “green plates” must be applied for while the registration of the foreign vehicle in Spain is processed. These plates will enable the vehicle to circulate on Spanish soil while the permanent plates are processed.

It is not feasible to operate a foreign car in Spain without green plates or temporary registration plates. In order to register a foreign car in Spain, a request for temporary plates or green plates must be made.

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