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Register a UK Car in Spain

Register a UK Car in Spain

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Are you thinking about bringing your car from Spain to the UK or from the UK to Spain? If yes, then there are several steps that you need to go through for registering a vehicle in Spain and making it fulfill legal requirements. In the following article we will describe how to register a British car in Spain, which documents must be translated and why you should register your car there.

Step 1: Inform DVLA that you will export your vehicle.

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) in the United Kingdom has to be notified by submitting a written declaration stating that I would like to send my automobile overseas before hauling it into Spain. This can also be done sending them permanent export form referred as V5C which is found within logbook coming along with car.Don’t worry if logbook can’t be found because application for replacement of this document is acceptable according to DVLA rules.

Step 2: Obtain an officially certified official translation of documents.

In order apply registering UK vehicle Spanish language country needs an applicant get hold of authorized translator who will provide him/her with official translations all papers written English language.Registration certificate (V5) and any other document relating hereto together sales receipt technical data shall form part thereof.It should be noted that without having undergone accreditation process these translations cannot be accepted as valid ones thus allowing such subjects become registered.

Step 3: Pay all taxes required when registering a vehicle.

When applying for registration of an UK automobile in Spain, necessary pay two different taxes i.e., road tax plus registration fee.The amount each town hall charges depends on type model as well engine power while CO2 emissions determine how much should paid towards office called AEAT where this particular tax collected.To proceed further collect receipts showing payment made against both types of taxes.

Step 4: Acquire ITV card in Spanish format.

For physical inspection at ITV station you are required to have a valid ITV card. The following documents must be presented; Vehicle’s registry certificate from the country of origin, Certificate of Conformity (CoC) purchase contract or invoice if not listed as owner on registration certificate and Certificate of Conformity (CoC) where owner is same person whose name appears on said document. In cases where there arises disagreement about contents issued by itv station this spanish language version shall prevail over other translations which might exist between involved parties.If during given year vehicle fails meet requirements set out for exemption then relevant technical control has to performed.

Step 5: Next thing to do is, you have to present a form for car registration in DGT.

So what you are gonna have to do is go to the Direccion General de Trafico (DGT) and submit all the documentation that was given to you during the previous steps plus also the filled out registry form as well as your identification documents and proof of living address or any other documents that may be required. After verifying these papers then the DGT will give a vehicle registration certificate.

Step 6: Get Spanish license plates.

Once you hold a registration certificate for your vehicle that means you are ready for applying Spanish number plates on your car. This can be done at any specialized shop or garage as both offer this service. Spanish number plates have a uniform design which is four characters followed by three letters.

Step 7: When you successfully registered a UK vehicle in Spain and it has been registered, notify DVLA about it.

It’s compulsory to inform DVLA that you managed to register your vehicle with Spain once you receive Spanish license plates for your car. In order for this process to be completed, DVLA requires V561 form from you together with original Spanish registration certificate and an original copy of Spanish tax receipt for road use

After all necessary steps have been taken so as to register foreign cars onto Spanish territory, let us take care of the rest! The ITV test will need repeating however often depending on how old or new the condition of your automobile might be.

At we are staffed by professional auto consultants Our approach is a completely legal way to ensure that your vehicle is integrated into the Spanish system while importing cars from overseas into Spain. We strive to deliver excellent service and build strong customer relationships. Regardless of whether it’s an EU based or Australian or American vehicle, we can recognize your automobile when you bring it over the border into Spain.

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