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Important information relating to the prcess of registering your car in Spain.

Check a Vehicles Registration (Spain)

Spain Check a Vehicles Registration

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Do you think about buying a second hand car in Spain? If so, you must confirm a vehicle’s registration in Spain prior to purchasing it; by this way, you can prevent any legal or technical issues with the car.

Every single vehicle status can be checked through the Jefatura de Tráfico in Spain and this search service is available for checking a vehicles registration in Spain before buying to anyone, thanks to Spainwide. You only need to know the registration number of the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Report (Spain)

The following significant aspects of the history of the vehicle are included in Spainwide’s vehicle history report:

  • Date of first registration
  • Registered keeper(s) at present
  • Next compulsory test date
  • Whether there is hire-purchase agreement with it or not
  • Whether there is court order outstanding on it or not
  • Any fines or penalties outstanding against it

Register your Foreign Vehicle in Spain

Moreover, if you want to register your foreign means of transport within Spanish territory, follow these steps:

Take the vehicle to an ITV station along with its documentation from country of origin; they will physically examine both and if everything is correct, generate corresponding Spanish style data sheet for vehicles.

Pay taxes connected with registering such automobile as well receiving relevant payment receipts: Municipal road tax where reside and Registration Tax Agency (AEAT), unless trailers.

Request documents gotten during previous stages from Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), so as check a vehicles registration in Spain alongside registering application plus identity & residence papers then after going through all those records DGT shall proceed with recording details about car into their database system before handing over document showing that particular motor had been successfully registered under your name together giving you plate number which acts also as proof that such process was indeed done legally.

DGT Temporary Registration of Your Vehicle

Should there arise situations whereby time becomes limiting factor for completing full-scale enlistment within one month period stipulated by law; applicant may opt temporally enrollment scheme offered by DGT. Under this arrangement, they will issue green plates for use during interim period lasting 2 months renewable until definitive registration is finalized.

Summary Of Check a Vehicles Registration (Spain)

For one to carry out checks on vehicles registered in Spain it is required that you:

Visit an ITV station (Technical Vehicle Inspection) having carried along with you car plus relevant papers from country of origin where staff will undertake physical verification exercise on both before generating Spanish format data sheet if everything checks out alright.

Utilize services offered at which enable individuals obtain official vehicle reports complete with English translations within minutes.

Book roadworthy examination which shall be conducted via ITV while displaying registration docs together with CoC (Certificate of Conformity) and purchase invoice.

Get report dealing with charges thereby revealing information like date when first registered, name plus address belonging to registered keeper(s), number of transfers effected so far including latest transfer’s date as well previous ones, last inspection’s date plus next expected inspection date and any pending debts.

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