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Spain Registration Plates

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Vehicle registration in Spain is a process that requires certain steps to be followed. To check the Spain registration plates there are a few methods available. One of the most common ways is to use the online platform provided by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), which is the Spanish Traffic Authority.

The Registry of Vehicles is a public service that depends on the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) and collects all the information related to vehicles registered in Spain. The registry includes data such as make, model, color, chassis number, date of registration, owner, charges or seizures, technical incidents, mandatory periodic inspections (ITV), mandatory insurance, road tax and outstanding fines.

Consulting The Vehicle Registry

To consult the vehicle registry for Spain registration plates, there are several options:

  • Request a vehicle report online: this is an official document containing all the registry information on a given vehicle. To request it, it is necessary to access the DGT’s electronic headquarters and fill in a form with the data of the applicant and the vehicle (license plate or chassis number). The report costs 8.59 euros and can be paid by credit card or by debit to a bank account. Once paid, you can download the report in PDF format or receive it by e-mail.
  • Request a vehicle report in person: you can request the same report as online by going to any Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico or to a post office. In this case, the applicant’s ID card or passport, the vehicle’s registration certificate or an authorization from the owner must be presented and the corresponding fee must be paid. The report is delivered on the spot or sent by post.
  • To consult the vehicle registry by telephone: you can call 060 and request information on a specific vehicle. You have to provide the license plate or chassis number and answer a few security questions. The service costs 0.34 euros per minute from a landline and 0.64 euros from a cell phone.
  • Consult the vehicle registry through a mobile application: the DGT has a free app called miDGT that allows access to the vehicle registry from a smartphone. To do so, you have to download the app from Google Play or App Store, identify yourself with your electronic ID or Cl@ve and select the option “My vehicles”. From there you can consult the registry information on your own or other people’s vehicles.

The Vehicle Registry for Spain Registration Plates

Checking the vehicle registry is a simple and safe way to know the legal and technical status of a car before buying or selling it. This avoids possible unpleasant surprises such as fines, back taxes or repossessions. It also helps to improve road safety and protect the environment.

To check a vehicle’s registration status online, you will need to access the DGT’s website and navigate to the section dedicated to vehicle information. Once there, you will be prompted to enter specific details about the vehicle, such as the license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), or the registration certificate number.

After submitting the required information, the system will verify the data and display the vehicle’s registration status. This will include details such as the vehicle’s make and model, the year of registration, and any relevant information regarding ownership or previous incidents associated with the vehicle.

It is important to note that checking a vehicle’s registration status online is a reliable way to obtain accurate information. However, it is always recommended to cross-reference the information obtained with other sources and conduct additional checks if necessary.

Spain Registration Plates At The DGT

In addition to the online method, it is also possible to check a vehicle’s registration status by contacting the DGT directly. This can be done by phone or by visiting one of their offices in person. However, it is important to keep in mind that these methods may require more time and effort compared to using the online platform.

Summary Of Spain Registration Plates

To check the registration of a vehicle in Spain, the following steps can be followed:

  • Access the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) website and select the option “Vehicle Consultation”.
  • Enter the vehicle registration number and the verification code that appears on the screen.
  • Click on “Consult” and wait for the vehicle data to be displayed, such as the owner’s name, registration date, vehicle type, make, model, color, fuel, power, emissions, insurance and MOT.
  • If you wish to obtain a detailed report of the vehicle, it can be requested by paying a fee of 8.50 euros. The report can be downloaded in PDF format or received by e-mail.
  • If any anomaly or irregularity is detected in the vehicle data, it can be reported to the DGT or the Guardia Civil.

Ultimately, ensuring that a vehicle’s registration is valid and up to date is crucial for legal and administrative purposes. By following the appropriate procedures and utilizing the available resources, it is possible to check a vehicle’s registration status in Spain efficiently and accurately.

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